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Anavar Side Effects – 5 Known Side Effects of Anavar! [2020]

If you are familiar with the anabolic steroids and their basic principles then you will find it easy to understand.

This column is briefly describing Anavar and the side effects it offers.

Anavar is an old and popular steroid which many bodybuilders have used to get desired body shape.

Side Effects of Anavar

Anavar compared to other steroids is not that aggressive in action, neither much harmful to the body organs.

That raises a question if it’s safer to use?

Let us first tell you briefly about it.

What is Anavar?

The formula inside the brand Anavar is Oxandrolone which is a potent steroid.

The drug was first introduced in 1964 to the patients which lost significant muscle mass due to autoimmune disorders.

Later, people started to abuse this steroid for achieving mega muscle mass.

Due to this felony, the drug was withdrawn from the market in 1989.

Then came the Oxandrin, another brand name of Oxandrolone made from some other pharmaceutical.

Oxandrin is strictly available under doctor’s supervision and is only prescribed to the patient of AIDS or HIV.

Androgenic effects of Anavar are of mild intensity, unlike other steroids.

That’s why the occurrence of side effects is often not too aggressive.

The anabolic route is quite a slow acting by which muscle growth is achieved very slowly.

Like the effects, the dose of Anavar is also available in low a dose which is 10 or 50 mg daily.

Some bodybuilders who abuse steroid on a daily basis take up to 100 mg per day which is absolutely dangerous for the health.

There are many side effects associated with Anavar use, but the top 5 worst side effects are given below.

1. Testosterone Production Inhibition


Whoever takes Anavar in high doses can close the doors for Testosterone flow.

This is the worst kind of problem for men who are already running depleted because Testosterone is essential for bodybuilding.

The last thing you need is something that suppresses testosterone without which you cannot grow muscle mass either energy level.

These Testosterone levels are difficult to get back to the normal range.

2. Chances of Stroke, Heart Attack, and Hypo-cholesterolemia

Anavar use can decrease the amount of HDL from your blood.

Both HDL and LDL are the types of cholesterol, only HDL is beneficial for health while LDL is bad for you.

When HDL is going into the decline phase the rise in LDL can cause blood clots in many regions which can lead to strokes and heart attacks.

3. Liver Damage

liver damage

Anavar is like other steroids, which are C-17 alpha alkylated.

These C-17 alpha-alkylated steroids skip the breakdown process in the liver and cause harm to the liver cells.

When your liver is exposed to too many chemicals for a prolonged period of time, chances of liver toxicity increases.

4. Infertility

When you are performing a cycle with Anavar, beware of using Testosterone boosters.

Too much of Testosterone along with Anavar in your system can lead to testicular shrinkage which is, of course, another name for infertility.

Means your sperm count will be too low or close to none because you cannot generate any.

5. Expensive & Unreliable

Half-life is a term used to define the time of drug availability in our body.

Whereas, the half-life of Anavar is very poor, in only 10 hours the blood concentration drops to 75%.

This means a single dose per day is very much lower for the majority of the users for which they take 2-3 doses in a day.

As we talked about the liver-damaging effects of Anavar with only just ONE dose, just imagine what it could do with double or triple doses.

Also, it will cost you more money to purchase this much quantity of Anavar.

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