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Oxandrolone – Best Anabolic Steroids for Weight Loss in 2020!

Oxandrolone is a very well-known synthetic hormone which mimic as testosterones in its functions inside the human body.

The testosterone in body is responsible for increased muscle mass and enhanced stamina which helps in achieving body building goals as well as athletes.

oxandrolone pills

The aim of this hormone is to increase the muscle mass in the body.

Oxandrolone is also used as therapeutic agent for people who are suffering from weight loss due to some medical conditions such as; infections and post surgery weight loss.

Also used by anorexia patients to overcome the lost muscle mass. Oxandrolone also consider female friendly because of its mild nature.

Oxandrolone was first produce under the brand name anavar in 1962 by pharmaceutical company G.D. Searle & Co. Laboratories.

Anavar is considered the best ever form of oxandrolone because of high rate of tolerance among the patients.

Oxandrolone also available in other brand names in different pharmaceuticals but anavar remains the widely used till date.

The other brand names of oxandrolone include:

  • Oxandrin.
  • Provitar.
  • Vasorome.
  • oxandrolonum.

Is Oxandrolone legal?

Anabolic steroids in addition to Oxandrolone are illegal in many nations without a medical prescription from a specialist.

They are strictly classed as a schedule III drugs which includes possibly dangerous drugs in the U.S.

There are a few nations where you are permitted to use Oxandrolone legally for example, in Mexico and Thailand.

It is used in medicinal traits which makes it safe to use but not without a medical prescription as it’s over dosage can be hazardous.

How Oxandrolone Works?

Oxandrolone has an interesting ability to help lessen SHBG or Sex Hormone Binding Globulin and their related glucocorticoid (chemicals produced by the body).

This increases the amount of free testosterones in body naturally. These testosterone then enhance the ability and muscle mass as well in body.

The androgenic nature of oxandrolone is considered mild in nature which makes it a good choice for females. High androgenic nature makes female consumers vulnerable to virilization signs.

It also shows help in nitrogen retention in body. The reason this is so very important is that nitrogen upholding improves a superior anabolic condition which make sure that workouts end up in anabolic results not in catabolic.

Oxandrolone Cycle

While it can be used for off-season or development stages most men will notice Oxandrolone cycle to be a poor decision for their developing needs.

The Oxandrolone is mild in anabolic nature that’s why it takes time to develop muscle mass.

However in themeantime any mass that happens will be 100% lean.

Anavar is used in combination cycles with other steroids. Usually oxandrolone is added in first 4 – 6 weeks of cycle to facilitate the cutting process.

Longer cycles of oxandrolone alone are not recommended because of its effects on liver functions. Oxandrolone isn’t the best choice when bulking cycles are needed.

A responsible use of oxandrolone after consulting a specialist and design your cycle on your own needs is considered good.

Oxandrolone Dosages

Doses of oxandrolone vary with respect to the purpose of your use.

oxandrolone dosages

It isn’t a gender dependent decision it’s rather a goal based thing.

In general women doses are lower than men doses because of basic tolerance.

For cutting cycles:
  1. For female starting with cutting cycles the starting minimum dose is 5mg which can be extended to 20 mg.
  2. For men in cutting cycle starting standard dose is 50 mg which goes up to 80 mg.
For bulking cycles:
  1. For female bulking cycles the standard dose is 10 mg.
  2. For men the dose for bulking is 80 mg – 100 mg.

Oxandrolone Side Effects

Oxandrolone like any other anabolic steroid have side effects as well.

These side effects include:

Acne: The flush of hormones after intake of oxandrolone might result in acne in many consumers.
Baldness: Male pattern baldness is one of the most common reported side effects nearly all anabolic steroids result in it.

Female particular side effects:

Females reported to develop male like characters after using oxandrolone such as deep voice, excessive hair growth and enlarged clitoris.

These side effects happen when over doses of oxandrolone are taken or prolonged cycles of oxandrolone are incorporated.

Blood pressure and cholestrol:

In general a good precaution is enough to stay away these issues.

Men when supplementing with oxandrolone are told to keep a good eye on their usual intake of food and calories.

side effects of Oxandrolone

If you already have blood pressure and cholesterol issue you are prohibited to use oxandrlone or you should be keeping a track of your cholesterol and blood pressure during the cycle.

There are some side effects which are common in other anabolic steroids but oxandrolone doesn’t post such threats.

Oxandrolone isn’t estrogenic in nature so in return it doesn’t show side effects like gynecomastia and water retention.

Also you don’t have to use aromatize inhibitors to reduce the aromatization of esterogen.

How to buy Oxandrolone on the web?

This is an illegal buy in the U.S. online as well as any buy that is without a medical prescription from specialist is considered illegal.

Oxandrolone falls under the description of a Schedule III possibly drug by the drug Control Act of 1990.

This indicates that drug can be misused.

The people who have or buy without a medical prescription are breaking the law and might need to pay.

Some different nations bringacross similar laws however not verymany are as strict as the U.S.

There are much more kind nations, yet it’s basic you understandthe law completely before making a buy.

In the event that you are searching for a quality anabolic item we suggest that you to go for alternative anabolic supplements such as Anvarol by Crazy Bulk.

These items can be received legaly without a medicinal prescription and will keep you inside the security of the law.

Over all oxandrolone is a good supplement with mild effects. Oxandrolone is potentially a good choice for those consumers who aren’t looking for heavy bulks and just want a ripped and shaped physique.