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Top 9 Beginners Tips to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle in 2020!

How to gain muscle and lose fat?

If you are one of those individuals who work out on the daily basis, opt for heavyweights and sweat to gain results from cardio.

how to lose body fat and gain muscle fast

There is a thing to remember, certainly the workout is critical to your success but it is just not sufficient for you to shed the extra fat.

To see real lean mass, you had better opt for a diet which focuses mainly on the attaining lean muscles and has the food items that can help in the fat burning process.

Why You Need To Go For A Diet?

Well, you are spending one hour at the gym, the rest of the 23 hours will be in your hands, you are most likely to ruin your one-hour tiring hardship just by a silly mistake of yours like a handful of chips or a chilled beer bottle with the guys is enough to let you regret it later.

Diet has the potential to bring a huge change in the full fat loss equation.

Following the right diet comes under the foundation of hard and right shaped body.

You cannot deny the importance of a healthy diet as the right diet is 65% actually capable of providing your desired body shape.

Therefore, a suitable diet is mandatory.

Top 9 Tips to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

Here are a Top 9 tips to help you out to learn how to lose fat and gain muscles.

1. Cardio

Per week, people can add minimum 3 and up to 6 times some forms of the cardio.

They can also substitute between HIIT cardio and slower, longer-duration cardio.

Using a bit inclined position on treadmill around 45 minutes is a great example of the longer duration cardio which should be part of the routine on the weight lifting days and at least for 3 times every week.

Sprinting whether outdoors or even on a treadmill and cycling are apt versions of HIIT cardio, it should be part of off-days at least 2 to 3 times each week.

For the HIIT portion, there are various ways to apply this.

For an instance:

  • After 4-minute slow cycle/jog warm-up
  • Do around 20 seconds of all-out sprints
  • Following by a 40-second jogging
  • Repeat it for at least 8 and maximum up to 12 sets
  • with almost 4-minute cool-down of slow pace jogging

If there is one cardinal rule to HIIT cardio then it must be to keep it creative. Well, it depends on your struggle with fat loss or fat gain.

If you have to struggle more, it means you need more numbers of cardio and HIIT sessions.

However, those who have better metabolic rate might think that they require just one or two HIIT sessions every week but those individuals who are in somewhere in the middle of nowhere and their metabolic rate just works normally should opt for minimum 3 HIIT cardio and dodge the regular cardio workout.

Reference: Checkout this 7 days Workout Plan

2. Diet

Here comes the most interesting and impactful part!

lose fat diet

The diet is segregated into two different phases

a) The Low Carb/ Low-Calorie Portion

  • Duration: all the days of off-weight training days and on weight-training days 1/2 -day
  • Calorie intake: approximately 10 to 12 times body weight
  • Ratio of Macronutrients: 30 % fat, 20 % carbohydrate and 50 % protein

b) High-Calorie/ High Carb Portion

  • Duration: Only on weight training days, from the starting of the session (weight training) until bedtime
  • Intake of Calories: The amount of calories remains the same just as if you take in a normal calorie day. However, the calorie consumption should be done within the time period of just six to eight hours. (10 to 12 x weight of the body or 1600 to 1900 calories for a person of 160 pounds)
  • The ratio of the macronutrient- 20 % protein 75 % carbohydrate and 5 % fat

c) Maintenance Of Carb/ Calorie Portion

  • Duration: Weekends
  • Caloric intake: 15 times of the body weight of the person
  • Ratio of Macronutrient: 30 % fat, 20 % carbohydrate and 50 % protein

d) Daily Schedule

  • Friday – cardio a.m., weight training p.m.
  • Saturday – (any time of the day) HIIT cardio, maintenance calories
  • Sunday – maintenance calories/ no training
  • Monday – cardio a.m. , weight training p.m.
  • Tuesday – (any time of the day) HIIT cardio
  • Wednesday – cardio a.m. , weight training p.m.
  • Thursday – (any time of the day) HIIT cardio

Reference: Checkout this 28 days lean meal plan.

3. Stay On Track

Craving and eating habits are the biggest obstacles to your dieting decision.

on track

It takes up to one to two weeks’ time to get habitual of dieting.

Do remember, fast food seems so easy, and at every nook and corner, there is a delicious option available like McDonald.

Moreover, taking time to prepare a meal and taking it along with you at work is just resides next to impossible for most of us.

Remember, at first, it is going to be hard but it is not impossible, within weeks you will feel adjusted in your new regimen but in the initial days, you have to force yourself a bit for this new routine.

In short, stay motivated and be on the track to learn the answer of How to lose fat and gain muscle.

4. Eat Enough

Staying on the track and eating the right food does not mean that you have to starve yourself.

The rule is simple and frankly quite straightforward; if you are willing to lose fat or excess weight, just burn more calories than you consume.

skipping meal

Skipping meal is not the right option.

Opting for healthy meals while consuming nutrients and essential elements that can actually provide you the right strength.

Your body typically needs energy fuel and now when you are taking your body on the right track you definitely need a better source of energy.

Therefore, if you are aiming at growing muscles and reducing fat, do eat enough so your body can attain the right amount of energy.

Eating like a bird and then working in the gym like a hulk is certainly impossible.

Do the simple math

Better and healthy meals = better lean muscles

Bottom Line: skipping meals is a complete No-No.

5. Longer workouts are the confirmation of better muscles???

Think again!!!!

Longer workouts are not guaranteed to provide you the desired results.

longest workout

The real cardinal factor is to have variation in the workout sessions.

Moreover, higher intensity exercises are much better because they tend to engage a maximum number of muscles and revamp the metabolic activity in the long run.

6. Fuel your workouts

Your workouts need fuel and that fueling should be in form of carbs.

Acquiring the right energy source in your system will let you work in the toughest way possible and you will be burning more calories too.

There is no hard and fast rule what you should eat just before heading for the workout because everyone’s body works differently.

Experiment a bit and see what suits you the best.

Not a heavy meal but a supportive snack is all you need.

7. Protein

Any active individual who performs 3 to 5 workouts every week should opt for at least 1 gm protein/pound of his body weight.

When the body performs the workout, the body breaks down muscle tissues and the body is completely dependent on protein to rebuild those muscles.

fuel your workout

Hence, at this stage, the muscles are actually crucial to improve the metabolic activity.

Most of the nutritionists suggest that opt for a heavy protein snack just after the workout within the window of 30 minutes.

Moreover, if you feel that you are taking a balanced diet but still you are experiencing tiredness and fatigue, it can be a possible sign of not taking enough protein in your diet.

Even just having a portion of Greek yogurt after your workout session would be enough to fulfill your protein needs.

8. Sleep

Okay, here is the think, you are willing to have a desirable body shape and everything seems to move in the right direction but you cannot neglect the importance of a proper rest because this is the time when your body actually maintains the right levels of hormones.

sleeping is neccesary

Do not be sluggish but when your body is giving you the cues do not neglect them, skipping a single workout or catch up some sound sleep will surely help you out in the long run.

9. Supplement

You need results and that is totally fine.

buy anavar steroids online

You can get them because you are doing everything to make sure that you get the right results but there is nothing wrong in considering a few supplements that can support your desired body dream.

Unfortunately but, there are people who even go to Anavar to get the desired results.

First of all, it is suitable for both the genders. Secondly, it actually helpful in cutting fat and improving the ratio of lean muscles.

However, it does not only bring benefits but as a matter of fact, it has the tendency to cause some serious side effects.

Luckily, CrazyBulk Anvarol is the best legal alternative of Anavar.

Anvarol does not only produce the right results but it does not cause any severe or even mild side effects either.

Bottom Line: it is certainly a reliable solution for the question- how to lose fat and gain muscle.

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